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5 February 2024

Bolstering Your Family Office Security With The Right Training

Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness, where employees understand the importance of their...

Family Office
6 November 2023

Family Offices Professionalize Further To Align With Family Needs

Ultra-high net worth families expect more than ever from their family offices. Amid intensifying...

Practice Strategies
28 July 2023

New Model Client Platforms – An Examination

The following article examines, in a thematic way, the ways that new model client platforms should...

Family Office
20 July 2023

What’s Top Of Mind For Some Of The World’s Leading Family Offices? 

Citi Private Bank gathered leading family offices from around the world – representing $434...

13 June 2023

Challenges And Advancements In KYC Screening For Private Banking, Wealth Management Industry

The author of this article argues that it's crucial to adopt a balanced but robust approach to KYC...

10 March 2023

Webinar: Creating A Simpler World For Family Offices

How can technology and related solutions provide "clarity" for family offices out of an existing...

White Papers
20 December 2022

Webinar: How Family Offices, Advisors Handle Data Challenges, Accelerating Tech

In a recent video panel, this news service was joined by senior industry figures, including the...

30 August 2022

Bite Investments: High Expectations For Digital Growth In Private Capital Industry

We talk to Bite Investments about what's driving asset managers to spend money and time on their...

22 August 2022

Critical Strategies For Turning Heirs Into Clients

A webinar, hosted by the publisher of this news service, covered the vital topic of what wealth...

6 July 2022

Family Office Demand For Talent Drives Outsourcing

The author of this commentary argues that outsourcing is a family office’s best option to get...

Family Office
23 May 2022

Top Five Reasons For Using Wealth Compass, According To Family Office Leaders

The following article explores the need to use tech tools so that advisors and their clients can...

1 April 2022

Adding P&C To Separate Your Firm From The Pack

What benefits do property and casualty risk management bring to wealth managers in terms of their...

30 March 2022

The Intersection of Privacy, Security, And Function

Competing imperatives around privacy, convenience and the client experience will be something...

14 February 2022

TM Group Helps Family Offices To Work Much Smarter

The following article examines how TM Group helps family offices to improve systems such as their...

26 May 2021

By The People, For The People – Why Investors Should Care About Human Rights

Companies cannot thrive without healthy and happy employees, consumers, and communities. Investors...

Wealth Strategies
4 May 2021

Sustainable Bonds Are Booming, But Is This A Fad – Do Markets Need Such Variety?

The following article examines the fast-growing world of sustainable bonds, and how investors...

28 April 2021

The Arrival Of KYI: "Know Your Investment"

This article examines how the due diligence checks wealth managers are used to performing on their...

23 April 2021

InvestCloud Looks Towards Post-Pandemic World After Merger

InvestCloud, which recently carried out a major merger with two important fintechs in the...

Investment Strategies
23 April 2021

How Capitalism Can Help Solve Climate Crisis

Aviva Investors explains why a complementary International Panel on Climate Finance is needed to...

Practice Strategies
21 April 2021

The Key Pain Points of Portfolio Monitoring

Instead of wasting time data mining, advisors should be able to focus on constructive portfolio and...