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September 21, 2023

Guest Article: Philanthropy Is Evolving – Advisors Must Adapt

Annabel Spring, CEO of HSBC Global Private Banking, discusses the role of philanthropy in wealth

September 11, 2023

An Evening To Empower Children Through Power Of Play

Many people took play for granted when they were children, but others aren't as fortunate. The

September 8, 2023

How To Involve Family In Your Charitable Planning 

Philanthropy has many drivers, and one of them is how it can bring family members together - an

July 24, 2023

Donor-Advised Fund Charity Payouts Rise, Defy Tough Markets – Schwab Charitable

Donor-advised funds continue to be an important philanthropy conduit, as new data from one of the

June 21, 2023

Bernstein Wealth Management Launches DAF Program

The move is an example of how DAFs remain an increasingly significant part of the North American

June 5, 2023

Opinion Of The Week: Advising Philanthropists – It's Harder Than You Think

A book published this year sets out the ideas and challenges that advisors to philanthropists need

May 23, 2023

When Philanthropy Goes Abroad – The View From Rockefeller Capital Management

With foreign crises and humanitarian disasters often in the headlines – as in the case of the

April 24, 2023

Harnessing Power Of Play For Children – Charity Event Invitation

Many people took play for granted when they were children, but others aren't as fortunate. The

February 28, 2023

Private US Foundations: What They've Done For Ukraine

As the world last week marked the grim anniversary of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, a US body that

December 8, 2022

Angeles Wealth Management Goes On A "Mission"

The program aims to balance long-term capital accumulation with positive impact goals.

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June 14, 2023

CAF American Donor Fund Explains Transatlantic Philanthropy Model

A donor-advised fund that gives a dual-qualified solution for UK and US clients has spoken to this

December 20, 2022

Asset Allocation For Philanthropists Gets Tough

Rising inflation, falling stock markets, pleas for help and donors' own financial constraints mean

November 29, 2022

Supporting The Rising Generation Of Philanthropists – Thoughts On "Giving Tuesday"

The author of this article sets out approaches that a rising generation of philanthropists can use

November 28, 2022

Philanthropy For Testing Times – How Donor-Advised Funds Are Working

Here are more thoughts from those in the philanthropy space about how markets and requests for aid

November 23, 2022

Tough Markets, Increased Pleas For Help – Challenges For Philanthropy

Philanthropists have a lot to contend with this year: a period of falling market values that hit

October 20, 2022

Movement Building And The Rising Generation Of Wealth

The author of this commentary argues that movements will continue to have a strong audience with

August 16, 2022

Impact Investing Guidance For Private Foundation Clients – Part 2

This article looks at the so-called field of "mission-related investing" and examines the approach

August 15, 2022

Impact Investing Guidance For Private Foundation Clients – Part 1

In the first half of this feature, the author looks at how foundations handle the discipline of

November 2, 2021

Planning For Philanthropy In Divorce 

The authors of this article explain how proper planning can help mitigate the negative impact

June 5, 2020

HNW Philanthropy Distributions Surge Amid Pandemic

Holders of different charitable structures have ramped up distributions to various causes as a