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April 28, 2023

Opinion Of The Week: "Succession" Proves That Family Offices Really Matter

A highly-rated TV drama about the supposedly horrible lives and behavior of rich people has hit a

Family Office
April 27, 2023

Family Offices' Outsourcing Trend Continues – Survey

An international study of family offices in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia shows

Family Office
April 26, 2023

Is There Life For Startups After Rate Rises, SVB's Collapse?

Family offices' importance as sources of VC funding has grown, and the recent problems in banking

Family Office
March 8, 2023

Highworth Adds More North America Family Offices

A group of new family office organizations have been added to the Highworth Research database with

Family Office
February 1, 2023

Highworth Adds More US Family Offices As Coverage Expands

The group, with which this news service is exclusive media partner, has also added a number of

Family Office
December 7, 2022

New Miami-Based Wealth Manager Takes Flight

The new, Miami-based firm says it is creating a boutique family office model partnering with

Family Office
November 29, 2022

Family Offices Survey Confirms Their Private Equity, VC Love Affair

The data broadly confirms the picture painted by the figures from Highworth Research, with which

Family Office
November 18, 2022

Israel-Based Family Office Smiles On Remote Medtech

The move is an example of the kind of "patient capital" that family offices deploy, and is

Family Office
September 13, 2022

After Bumpy Ride, FOX Faces Turning Point

This news service talks to Family Office Exchange, and also reflects on the network of such groups

Family Office
June 8, 2022

Rising Costs Worry Family Offices – UBS

Among a raft of concerns and opportunities, family offices need to monitor costs at a time of

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Family Office
November 7, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: LNG – A Growth Driver For Three Groups Of Single Family Offices

Demand for liquified natural gas, aka LNG, is high amidst a global energy crisis, magnified by

Family Office
September 21, 2022

The Essential Tool That Family Offices Ignore

It’s no secret that private banking, which includes credit and lending services, is an essential

Family Office
June 1, 2022

Single-Family Offices' Tech Shyness – How To Overcome It?

For all kinds of reasons, single-family offices have not rapidly embraced technology, although

Family Office
May 12, 2022

Single-Family Offices Fret Over Transparency, Data Demands – EY

The pace of regulatory change continues to change and with it demands – not always wise – for

Family Office
May 2, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Europe And North America – Single Family Offices Compared

The extended coverage of single family offices on the database of Highworth Research – an

Family Office
April 8, 2022

Charting Family Offices' Needs

What should family offices do in-house and what should they outsource? Should certain families

Family Office
March 22, 2022

Raising The Family Office Game At Silicon Valley Bank

We talk to two senior figures at SVB about the work being done with family offices and venture

Family Office
March 9, 2022

Taking The Pain From Family Office's Data Chores

The chores of paying bills, keeping ledger records, reporting on investments, capital calls and

Family Office
November 10, 2021

Borrowing Against Securities - What Family Offices Should Consider

What sort of issues should wealthy families consider in raising finance against assets such as

Family Office
November 8, 2021

Eight Reasons Why Singapore Attracts Family Offices

The Asian city-state has been moving to attract family offices and, with other jurisdictions