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Family Office
June 8, 2022

Rising Costs Worry Family Offices – UBS

Among a raft of concerns and opportunities, family offices need to monitor costs at a time of

Family Office
May 24, 2022

Investment Figure Launches Family Office

The US-based family office will start off with a team of three people and be structured as a single

Family Office
May 16, 2022

New Study Offers Invaluable Operational Insights For UHNW Wealth Managers

This publication has launched its second study on efficiency in accounting and investment analysis

Family Office
May 10, 2022

Increasing Digitalization Raises Family Offices' Talent Challenge

Family offices need to be more creative at finding and managing talent, especially in a world where

Family Office
April 28, 2022

Archegos Founder, Ex-CFO Charged With Securities Fraud

The collapse of Archegos, and the fact that it was structured as a family office, encouraged some

Family Office
April 14, 2022

Younger UHNW Investors Keener On Startups, Direct Investing – Preqin

The research firm cast its eyes over the family office sector and the attitudes these organizations

Family Office
April 12, 2022

Why Bill Payment Is The Technological Weakest Link

Bill pay can be a real value-add to family office clients, but it is frequently beset by

Family Office
March 25, 2022

Wealthy Families Must Build Corporate Mindset

Families seeking to keep harmonious relations cannot assume that selling a business and taking the

Family Office
March 9, 2022

New US Family Office Firm Is Launched

The new organization has been founded by two senior figures from the Abbot Downing business which

Family Office
February 28, 2022

Welcome To Seventh Annual Family Office FinTech Summit 2022

See here for details on registration and other program information for the March 24 event, held via

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Family Office
June 1, 2022

Single-Family Offices' Tech Shyness – How To Overcome It?

For all kinds of reasons, single-family offices have not rapidly embraced technology, although

Family Office
May 12, 2022

Single-Family Offices Fret Over Transparency, Data Demands – EY

The pace of regulatory change continues to change and with it demands – not always wise – for

Family Office
May 2, 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Europe And North America – Single Family Offices Compared

The extended coverage of single family offices on the database of Highworth Research – an

Family Office
April 8, 2022

Charting Family Offices' Needs

What should family offices do in-house and what should they outsource? Should certain families

Family Office
March 22, 2022

Raising The Family Office Game At Silicon Valley Bank

We talk to two senior figures at SVB about the work being done with family offices and venture

Family Office
March 9, 2022

Taking The Pain From Family Office's Data Chores

The chores of paying bills, keeping ledger records, reporting on investments, capital calls and

Family Office
November 10, 2021

Borrowing Against Securities - What Family Offices Should Consider

What sort of issues should wealthy families consider in raising finance against assets such as

Family Office
November 8, 2021

Eight Reasons Why Singapore Attracts Family Offices

The Asian city-state has been moving to attract family offices and, with other jurisdictions

Family Office
October 19, 2021

Single-Family Offices - What Do They Own?

The author of this piece, who has access to a comprehensive database of what SFOs invest in, points

Family Office
October 13, 2021

Book Review: The Family Office, By William Woodson and Edward Marshall

A new book exploring the details and challenges faced in creating and managing a family office was