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Family Office
September 1, 2020

Adidas Dynasty Launches Florida-Based Family Office

The new FO is a sign of how Florida continues to be a busy space for the North American wealth

Family Office
August 14, 2020

Single Family Offices Are Hot For Direct Investing, MFOs Not So Much - Study

The report is by FINTRX and sponsored by Charles Schwab. It sets out the contrasting enthusiasm and

Family Office
August 5, 2020

Another Report Maps Family Offices Landscape

Another report has come out to fuel debate on what is the true size of the world's family offices

Family Office
July 2, 2020

John Paulson Calls It Quits, Morphs Firm Into Family Office

Since the market crash and regulatory responses a decade ago, a number of hedge fund businesses,

Family Office
July 1, 2020

Morgan Stanley Launches New Family Offices Guide

The US firm is launching a new guide for the family offices sector, a sign of how banks view such

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Family Office
March 19, 2020

How COVID-19 Affects Single Family Offices

This article examines how the virus has affected the principal, or "cornerstone", assets of

Family Office
February 24, 2020

Boston Private Shows Family Offices How To Manage Cyber-Risks More Effectively

A White Paper from the US-based firm charts the risks and challenges for family offices in handling

Family Office
February 17, 2020

An Integral Approach to the Family Office - Part Two

Transpersonal psychology and family offices, two seemingly totally unrelated concepts, are relevant

Family Office
February 5, 2020

Family Offices' VC Investments - What The Numbers Actually Say

How do European single family offices approach venture capital and what is their exposure to the

Family Office
January 24, 2020

Single Family Offices Emerge From Shadows To Win Hottest Deals

This news service spoke to those involved in a new report on the world's family offices. One