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April 22, 2019

Transferring The Family Ranch, Farm To Next Generation

What issues come up in transferring assets such as farms and ranches to younger family members?

Trust Estate
March 8, 2019

Special Needs Children And Financial Planning - What Parents Must Know

On International Women's Day, this publication issues an interview with a US wealth management firm

Trust Estate
March 6, 2019

Family "Dynamics" Toughest Estate Planning Issue - Key Private Bank Study

The study comes at a time of continued discussion of how the industry handles an expected $30

Trust Estate
October 26, 2018

The “Queen Of Soul” Dies Without A Will – The Lessons

Yet another famous person has died without leaving a will, and this article explores the

Trust Estate
October 22, 2018

Why We Need Effective Wealth Inheritors

The wider community needs wealth inheritors to develop the right disciplines and make the most of

Trust Estate
September 10, 2018

Estate Planning After New US Tax Legislation

The major tax changes enacted into law late last year continue to have an impact on estate

Trust Estate
August 29, 2018

Why Your Child’s 18th Birthday is Different - and How to Plan For It

From a wealth planning protection and planning point of view, what considerations do families face

Trust Estate
June 6, 2018

Cultivating Talent, Planning For The Great Wealth Transfer

There is a lot of work to be done by firms and individuals to manage the great wealth transfer

Trust Estate
May 30, 2018

Low Trust, Communications Destroy Family Wealth - White Paper

The US firm has examined why so many family fortunes vanish.

Trust Estate
May 24, 2018

Next-Gen Can't Bet On $30 Trillion Transfer - Pershing

Counting on a massive transfer of wealth from Baby Boomer parents? Don't count on it, a financial

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Trust Estate
February 27, 2019

Limited Liability Companies And Trusts - What Risks Get Overlooked?

The comments come from Lynn Rasmussen, who is senior vice president and practice leader at Lockton,

Trust Estate
November 26, 2018

Beyond The "Primary" Client: Understanding Financial Needs Of Spouses

Spouses are - shockingly - all too easily overlooked in wealth transfer conversations. The author

Trust Estate
November 1, 2018

BOOK REVIEW: Freedom From Wealth By Charles Lowenhaupt

This news service reviews a new book addressing the ways to bestow and inherit wealth

Trust Estate
September 6, 2018

Successful Estate Planning: Match All Assets, Documentation

This article works through some basics - and more detailed issues - around wills and estate

Trust Estate
December 15, 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Guardianship: Strategies for Minimizing Risk - Part 2

The first of a two-part article examining issues of guardianship and the proper - and improper -

Trust Estate
December 14, 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Guardianship: Strategies For Minimizing Risk - Part 1

The first of a two-part article examining issues of guardianship and the proper - and improper -

Trust Estate
December 5, 2017

GUEST ARTICLE: Wealth Inheritors In An Age Of Anxiety

A paradox of great inherited wealth is that this can rob people of the adventure of chasing the

Trust Estate
August 29, 2017

As World Demands Transparency, US Trusts Sector Remains Haven Of Privacy

A handful of states in the US are setting the pace as trusts jurisdictions, enjoying benefits,

Trust Estate
June 23, 2014

INTERVIEW: Private Trust Companies Are "En-Vogue" But Not Appropriate For All Wealthy Families

Perspecta Trust talks about how - despite being “very much en-vogue right now” - private trust

Trust Estate
April 24, 2014

INTERVIEW: Tennessee: An Increasingly Friendly State For Trust Law

Tennessee is one of the top US states for wealthy families looking to protect - and maintain