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Trust Estate
June 11, 2024

Strategic Succession: Unlocking ESOPs, Alternatives, And Purpose Trust Options

Whether they go under names such as ESOPs, Purpose Trust Option Strategies, or other monikers,

Trust Estate
June 6, 2024

A Walk Around The US Trust, Gifts Structuring Landscape

This news service talks to a senior figure at Northern Trust on topics such as lifetime gifts,

Trust Estate
May 22, 2024

Navigating Complex Estate Settlement Terrain

A great deal of emotional stresses and demands arise on the death of a relative, and there are many

May 13, 2024

Estate Planning Strategies For Art Collectors In Volatile Market

How the world of fine art collections and estate planning intersect is a topic that private client

Practice Strategies
March 19, 2024

Mastering Succession: Insights From Berkshire Hathaway's Playbook For Private Business Owners

This brief commentary reflects on the succession planning lessons to be learned from how legendary

Trust Estate
March 11, 2024

Unmasking Self-Dealing: Navigating Pitfalls of Private Foundations

One of our editorial board members looks under the hood of private foundations, their uses, and

Trust Estate
February 23, 2024

Navigating The Evolving US Estate Planning Landscape

Among the topics covered here are the pros and cons of using large firms and boutiques to provide

January 23, 2024

ESG – Investing As A Trustee

This article considers the role of trustees in integrating ESG criteria into investment

January 3, 2024

Update On Corporate Transparency Act: Access Rule, Criticisms And Costs

The arrival of the Corporate Transparency Act in the US has big implications for the country's

Trust Estate
December 19, 2023

Maximizing Your Client’s 2023 Year-End Tax Planning Benefits

As the end of another year comes into view, a regular writer for FWR considers structures and ideas

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