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Family Office
May 23, 2019

Family Offices' Use Of Long-Term Incentives Grow, Adds Complexity

A further look at a new study of US family office executive compensation probes into how long-term

Family Office
May 1, 2019

Launch Of New Online Database For Single Family Offices

This publication is embarking on a major new partnership with Highworth Research to deliver data on

Family Office
April 25, 2019

The Family Office And Its Lawyers: Part 2

Here is the second half of a two-part essay examining the legal issues confronting family offices.

Family Office
April 24, 2019

The Family Office And Its Lawyers: Part 1

In a two-part feature, the law firm examines the legal needs and tasks of the modern family

Family Office
April 17, 2019

Digital Digest: The Latest Tech News - FINTRX

The latest tech news in wealth management across the world.

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Family Office
January 16, 2018

Family Offices Face Tricky Pre-Flight Checklist Over Private Jets

Family offices that use private jets have hit turbulence recently amid shortages of pilots and new

Family Office
July 24, 2017

Stop Looking For Unicorns - Time For A More Disciplined Approach To Venture Capital?

A family office organization that is particularly enamored of venture capital talks about the need

Family Office
March 22, 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Direct Investing, Lessons From Big Successes And Mistakes

The US-UK firm talks to this publication about the lessons of direct investments for clients, on

Family Office
September 15, 2016

Guest Feature: Cybersecurity Basics For The Family Office - Part Two

This is the second half of a two-part feature by Annmarie Giblin and Theresa Pratt looking at

Family Office
July 18, 2016

EXCLUSIVE: The Intensifying Challenge Of Linking Value, Pricing - FOX Forum

Executives at Family Office Exchange spoke at a recent conference about something which is regarded