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February 10, 2016

US Expats: Think Carefully Before Handing Back Passports For Financial Reasons - deVere

US expats, of which there are around eight million, have been urged by the global advisory firm,

February 5, 2016

Julius Baer Admits To Helping US Clients Dodge Tax, Fined $547 Million

The Swiss bank has been charged with conspiring to help US taxpayers hide their assets from the

February 5, 2016

New Brazil Tax Amnesty Puts Account-Holders In Nasty Dilemma - Lawyer

To disclose or not to disclose? That is the question facing Brazilians with offshore accounts who

January 12, 2016

Most Expat Americans Say US Tax Net Hurts Them Professionally VS The Locals - Study

A survey of expat Americans shows widespread concern about how they suffer professionally versus

January 7, 2016

UBP To Pay US Authorities $187 Million In Tax Evasion Deal

The Swiss private bank has signed a non-prosecution agreement with the US Justice Department over

December 21, 2015

Trio Of Swiss Banks Reach Deals With US Authorities

Another three banks have avoided prosecution by settling with US authorities under the Swiss Bank

December 16, 2015

Three More Swiss Banks Shake On Deals Over Secret US Accounts

Three more non-prosecution agreements have been signed, including by Dreyfus, one of the oldest

December 10, 2015

Guest Article: How Wealthy Individuals Can Strategically Gift Education

Here is a detailed article by Elizabeth Bawden and Dina Nam of Withers Bergman, going through

December 9, 2015

Swiss Bank Settles With US Authorities To Avoid Prosecution

AKB joins the array of banks that have already reached deals under the Swiss Bank Program.

December 4, 2015

EDITORIAL COMMENT: OECD's Comments On Corp Taxes Miss A Fundamental Truth

The OECD has described a pattern of falling receipts from corporate taxes and more burdens on

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