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Family Office
March 25, 2024

Prominent Brazilian Family Office Boosts Assets – Report

The single-family office has, among other things, a co-controlling stake in Latin America's largest

Family Office
March 1, 2024

New Preqin Report Shows Rise In Family Offices

Preqin, a specialist in alternatives data and insight, has recently published its "Fundraising from

Family Office
February 29, 2024

How Family Offices Can Overcome Tech Adoption Shyness

Expanded significantly from its Oakbrook Solutions acquisition last year, we talk to one of the

Company Profiles
February 8, 2024

IQ-EQ Says US Wealth, Family Offices Sector Holds Big Opportunities

We talk to the group about its views on the potential, and the needs, of sectors such as US family

Alt Investments
January 24, 2024

Japan's VC Sector Gathers Momentum

While Silicon Valley has hogged much of the limelight in VC, Japan's much smaller sector hasn't

Family Office
January 11, 2024

EXCLUSIVE: Single Family Offices Didn’t Slash VC Allocation In 2023

The founder of the Highworth Research database rebuts the idea that single-family offices have

Family Office
July 10, 2023

Family Offices Aren't Stress-Testing Enough For Threats – Dentons Study

The report said there is a culture of underestimating threats among single family offices, and this

Family Office
June 16, 2023

OPINION OF THE WEEK: Family Office Growth – A Mixed Global Tale

Family offices are sprouting up everywhere – although definitions can be elastic as to what

Family Office
June 7, 2023

Study Shines Light On What Family Office Professionals Are Paid

A major report examines pay and compensation trends in the world's family offices sector, and

Family Office
April 26, 2023

Is There Life For Startups After Rate Rises, SVB's Collapse?

Family offices' importance as sources of VC funding has grown, and the recent problems in banking

Comment & Analysis results for Highworth Research

Family Office
August 18, 2020

WEALTH TALK: Focus On Highworth Research And Single Family Offices

This news services links up with the research firm's founder to talk about the wins and losses of