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Trust Estate
12 September 2023

Five Reasons Why AI Should Not Be Used To Draft Estate Plans

Does it make sense to try and use AI tools for estate plans? The author of this article suggests...

Real Estate
11 September 2023

Using Investment Property Wealth Management To Attract HNW Clients

The CEO and founder of a US-based real estate business that harnesses technology talks about how...

6 September 2023

Navigating Health, Wealth In Today's World – Part 1

Navigating the healthcare system for HNW individuals and families can sometimes be complex and...

Practice Strategies
25 August 2023

Custodian Or Creator? The Many Nuances Of The “Rising Gen” Of Wealth

A barely conceivable $53 trillion of wealth is held by Baby Boomers, who are passing on and whose...

Trust Estate
23 August 2023

Gauging An Estate Plan’s Success

What tests should be run on estate plans to ensure that they work when times get tough? This...

Family Office
21 August 2023

Toxic Loyalty In Family Offices: Risks, Practical Solutions To Remain A Healthy, High-Performing Organization

If loyalty is what we all strive for, which has tremendous personal benefits and business...

Trust Estate
11 August 2023

Planning For Estates That Contain Firearms

Firearms come with a variety of obligations and responsibilities, including legal ones. In the US,...

24 July 2023

How To Plan For A Successful Implementation

Selecting software can be a long and exhausting journey. The author of this article, who also joins...

18 July 2023

Art Market Goes Digital: Risk, Opportunity, And Regulatory Concerns For Wealth Managers

The authors argue that while NFTs offer exciting opportunities for investment, they also present...

Trust Estate
17 July 2023

Your Legacy: Why Inventories Are Essential Now And For Future Generations

"Fail to plan, plan to fail" is a motto that applies to much of life. One aspect of planning is...

10 July 2023

AI Isn’t Taking Over Family Offices But Should Have Seat At The Table

When wealth managers think about AI they should frame the decision on how it can make their...

Family Office
7 July 2023

Embedded Family Offices: Inherent Risks And Practical Solutions To Mitigate Those Risks

Embedded family offices are the most common type of family office across the globe, but often the...

6 July 2023

Changing Domicile For Tax Purposes Is Beneficial If Done Correctly

Changing a domicile can enhance the quality of life but needs to be planned carefully to avoid...

Practice Strategies
15 June 2023

The Household Management Gap: An Opportunity To Ease Families’ Everyday Frustrations

The chaos that comes with managing a complex household is an everyday source of frustration, in the...

Trust Estate
9 June 2023

How To Defer Or Avoid Taxes When Gifting Or Selling Art

The author of this article examines the advantages of certain trust structures to ensure that those...

Real Estate
7 June 2023

Market Stability Vs Interest Rates: Examining Today’s CRE Investment Environment

Historic data shows commercial real estate (CRE) is still a viable investment asset class, but in...

22 May 2023

Alternative Investment Software – A Tour Around The Territory

This guest article, issued ahead of our September 13 fintech summit in New York this year, casts an...

Practice Strategies
17 May 2023

How To Retain Clients During Great Wealth Transfer

The unfolding inter-generational transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to their descendants presents...

Trust Estate
12 May 2023

Do Personal Lines Policies Insure Trustees?

What sort of insurance should trustees have, and how should they think about this subject? What...

8 May 2023

Strategies To Win Over HNW Clients In A Crowded Market 

The author argues that advisors can stand apart from competitors by focusing on the people first,...