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Family Office
July 22, 2019

Southern Californian Group Starts New Family Office Group

The organization is based in Orange County, California.

Family Office
July 2, 2019

How Family Offices Should Treat ESG Investing

The author of this article considers the issues around ESG investing for family offices.

Family Office
June 28, 2019

Complexity, Investment Demands Drive Family Office Services - Citco

It's getting harder for family offices - apart from the very largest - to do everything in-house,

Family Office
June 4, 2019

China Seen Boosting Non-US Single Family Office Cohort

The US is by far the largest market for single family offices, but the share of the total accounted

Family Office
May 24, 2019

EDITOR'S CHOICE: Family Offices Execs' Pay Rises, More Long-Term Comp Plans - Morgan Stanley

The editor's choice of article of the week is about compensation and incentives for family office

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Family Office
June 5, 2018

What Family Offices Want From Real Estate

A practitioner in the field of family office real estate investing, and now a publisher and public

Family Office
May 17, 2018

Scanning The Role, Potential Of A "Chief Learning Officer"

Regular FWR contributor and wealth industry figure Joe Reilly sits down with a family enterprise

Family Office
February 20, 2018

Family Offices Get More Formal On Executive Pay

A recent report shed light on how family offices in the US handle executive pay and one of the

Family Office
February 15, 2018

Family Offices' Private Jet Usage Can Be Bumpy Ride

A recent report on what family offices must consider when using private jets highlights how this

Family Office
February 14, 2018

US Study Frowns On Family Office Executive Pay Deals

A study shines a light US family offices' pay plans and raises concerns on whether best practice is