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February 1, 2021

What’s Driving Reinvention Of Family Offices?

FWR reports from a recent discussion by family office figures about the shape of the industry and

Family Office
November 10, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: The Single Family Office Behind World’s First Successful COVID-19 Vaccine Trial

A story that has - until now - gone unremarked is that a Munich-based single family office controls

Family Office
October 12, 2020

Adidas Dynasty-Linked MFO's Growth Ambitions

A new MFO, based in Florida, has been launched and founded by the offspring of German sports and

Family Office
September 15, 2020

Verdence Unravels Clients' Wealth Complexity, Smiles On Alternative Assets

It is perhaps reflective of current investment thinking that a person with almost two decades at a

Family Office
September 2, 2020

Understanding Why Single Family Offices Love Direct Investing, MFOs Less So

A recent report prompted questions on how and why single and multi-family offices contrast in their

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Family Office
July 6, 2020

Family Offices' Contrasting Property Investment Stories

Drawing on the data from Highworth Research, with which this publication is a media partner, we

Family Office
June 8, 2020

Crisis Shines Harsh Light On UHNW Families' Communications, Governance

The coronavirus crisis has exposed wide gaps in the communications and arrangements that families

Family Office
April 22, 2020

EXCLUSIVE: Gulf Family Offices And Distressed Assets - An Analysis

What are family offices from the Middle East doing in terms of investing in assets, such as those

Family Office
April 14, 2020

The Family Office Landscape: A View From Northern Trust

This news service talks to the head of the US financial group's global family office practice.

Family Office
March 31, 2020

Some Single Family Offices Benefit From Turmoil - Data

The volatility caused by the pandemic has hurt a swathe of sectors and benefited others, such as