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April 7, 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS: Long-Awaited Fiduciary Rule Is Unveiled

Yesterday the US DoL released new rules that are said to have a big effect on how Americans save

People Moves
March 16, 2016

Private Wealth Executives Join WE Family Offices In Miami

WE Family Offices, which is based in New York and Miami, FL, has hired two new private wealth

March 11, 2016

Family Wealth Report Awards 2016: The Winners

This publication is excited to announce the winners of the third annual Family Wealth Report

People Moves
February 11, 2016

JP Morgan Sharpens Its Focus On Regulatory Issues Impacting DC Plans

JP Morgan is intensifying its focus on helping advisors navigate the regulatory environment in the

Family Office
January 19, 2016

INTERVIEW: Why Demand Is Growing For Family Offices In Latin America

The family office sector in Latin America has seemingly been flourishing for some years now, but

December 21, 2015

Family Wealth Report Awards 2016: The Shortlist

Judges have arrived at a shortlist of potential winners of the Family Wealth Report Awards 2016.

Family Office
December 18, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Family Office Experts Look Back On 2015, Share Their Thoughts For 2016

After a busy year, family office experts think about what issues have been top-of-mind for them,

Industry Surveys
December 8, 2015

Many Advisors Say "Fiduciary" Is A Meaningless Term - Survey

Half of all respondents and 80 per cent of those who consider themselves fiduciaries say the

Client Affairs
November 5, 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Broaching The Difficult Topic Of Health In Wealth Management

Experts recently discussed the important issue of how clients' health affect their wealth, and how

White Papers
October 29, 2015

Opportunity For Business With Cross-Border Wealthy Families Pegged At $6 Trillion

A new report has identified three sub-groups that represent what it estimates is a $6 trillion

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