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Issues Will Always Exist In A Family Business – White Paper

14 February 2011

A new white paper, Issues Will Always Exist in a Family Business: Tackling Them Is the Real Trick, outlines the issues and opportunities the Myers family is tackling in the journey to build and maintain their legacy. The family has a goal of long-term stewardship of the family and the business, and to pass it along to future generations.

The white paper, written by fourth generation family member George Brown for the The Network of Family Businesses, maintains that issues and opportunities will come and go and that as a family it is important to use the tools developed over four generations to guide them.

Brown is manager of asset services involved in the archiving and repurposing of 65 years worth of content from Highlights magazine, and Highlights consumer products. He focuses on supporting business functions such as International partnerships, domestic licensing, permissions to re-use content, and rights management.

Brown has worked for Highlights for Children in a variety of roles over the past 10 years including sales, planning, editorial, product development and content management.

You can read the white paper here.