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Family Transitions: Managing Inter-Generational Wealth Transfer - White Paper [DO NOT EDIT]

Wendy Connett

19 October 2010

The shift toward an older population has enormous economic, social, and political implications and the need for smart, strategic life planning is becoming increasingly important for families, according to a White Paper published by First Western Trust Bank.

The White Paper - Family Transitions: Managing Change In Families And Their Wealth From Generation To Generation - maintains that as people are living longer, more complex and more nontraditional family systems have emerged. 

Regardless of demographic trends or a family’s particular situation, a strategic life plan can set the stage for one generation’s next phase in life and establish a meaningful, multi-generational legacy. In addition to the management and transfer of money, such a plan will help a family shape the future use of financial, social, capital and human resources.

The white paper outlines steps to tackle the issues of managing family transitions and wealth from generation to generation. You can read the full document here.