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Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors Launches “Reimagined Philanthropy”

Editorial Staff

19 January 2024

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors has just published Reimagined Philanthropy, a two-volume work offering guidance for creating a more just world. 

While there is an abundance of information on effective philanthropy, until now there has not been a single, comprehensive resource encapsulating most best practices. In today's evolving philanthropic landscape, the need for a resource that demystifies the complexities of giving has never been more significant. Reimagined Philanthropy aims to fill this gap by providing a structured approach.

"Philanthropy's role in the pursuit of justice and equity is undergoing a deep revaluation. Reimagined Philanthropy serves as a guide for this transformative journey, empowering individuals, families, and organizations to become architects of positive change," Melissa A Berman, chief executive at RPA, said. 

The launch of the publication comes in what is the traditional "Giving Season" in the US, a time when philanthropy and giving is often on the agenda.

Volume I, subtitled A Roadmap to Helping Create a More Just World, is tailored to equip emerging philanthropic bodies with a solid foundation for effective giving. It delves into ensuring the appropriate mindset, innovative ways to support grantees, and new ways to consider evidence for assessing impact. Familiar topics such as motivations for giving, setting goals, and choosing the right approaches and vehicles are also included. 

Volume II, subtitled Advanced Donor Strategies for a More Just World, is aimed at experienced philanthropists who are committed to expanding and sharpening their giving practices. 

Recognizing the need for donors to reassess their approaches to the changing environment, the publication delves into embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in philanthropy, questioning the sources of wealth, adopting a systems' perspective, redefining philanthropic impact, wielding endowments for good, and the pivotal role of communications in driving impact, RPA said. 

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