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Cresset Supports Financial Literacy, Future Entrepreneurs Program

Tom Burroughes

1 February 2019

US wealth management group Cresset has partnered with the organization Launch Generation for a program encouraging financial literacy and business awareness among teens on both sides of the Atlantic. The move comes at a time when understanding around handling money and investment is arguably more urgent than ever amid huge transfers of assets and market uncertainties.

Founded by Whitney Webb, who recently joined Cresset as director of family wealth education, Launch Generation is designed for teens ages 14-18 to prepare them for future challenges.

Structured as a hybrid of a conference and a summer camp, Launch Generation introduces the skills and adaptability teens need to think like, and be, entrepreneurs. The project-based curriculum 

“Launch Generation was founded with the belief that solutions to pressing world problems will be solved through collaboration between diverse groups representing varying socioeconomic backgrounds, gender, race and cultures,” Webb said. “We encourage the ideals of simultaneously creating positive change and making money. With Cresset’s support and guidance, we will now be able to have an even greater impact on the lives of the amazing young people we serve.”

Launch Generation by Cresset will offer two summer programs in 2019. The first will be held July 8 – 12 in San Diego at the University of California, San Diego. The second will take place Aug. 10 - 17 in Cambridge in the UK at the University of Cambridge. Launch Generation is aking applications for these camps, which are limited to 25 participants each.

Among other developments, such as at Cresset Family Office, see here. 

Financial literacy remains an issue that goes far beyond young adults. To see what some US wealth managers say and do about this topic, see here and here. See here for a recent interview on what is being done to educate family members about money.